Family: Hailey’s 9th Birthday – Home

20 Nov
This year, we decided to keep Hailey’s birthday simple with just family.  I am glad we did.  Our entire family came down with a nasty cold that had all three girls fighting off fevers and coughs.  It eventually spread throughout the house and we all came down with it.  Even though most of us were not feeling well, we somehow managed to get up enough energy to celebrate. 
Every year, I let the girls decide what they want for birthday dinner and cake.  Every year, Hailey requests her favorite meal…spaghetti.  For her cake this year, she decided to go with something different….a pumpkin pie.  Another of her favorites. 
Because she is getting older now, her dad and I decided we would splurge and get her the Nintendo DSi that she has been wanting.  I found an awesome deal at Target and was able to get her the DSi XL Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary edition.  When she is not a school or doing homework, she is playing around on her new DSi.  She also got a very nice grown up journal and pens from her Nana because she loves to write.  Nana also gave her some body spray and the Hannah Montana Movie game for her DSi.  Her sisters gave her a new pink cheetah (her fav color and print) headband, bracelet, a pink ornament with “H” engraved on it and the new Taylor Swift CD. 
Although it was a quiet birthday, according to my baby it was the best birthday ever.  That was music to my ears!
Happy Birthday Hailey-belle!
Mommy loves you!


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