Lunch Box Inspiration

15 Oct
This year, my girls are taking their lunch to school almost every day.  I am trying to control the food that goes into their bodies as best I can, so I am making sure that their lunches are something that they look forward to.  I came across a blog with some great ideas and thought I would work them into our lunch boxes. 
I found all of these items at Target for under $5.00!   While I realize that these are just small things, it has already made a difference with my kids.  The napkins were marked down to $.88 a pack.  I got the bandz and puppy dog bags in the dollar bins.

So, I put their hand wipes, spoon, a couple of chocolate kisses and their bandz in the bags.

Here is a typical lunch for us.  My girls love cucumbers and I put a little container of dressing for dipping sauce.  Have you tried the Nature Valley Granola Thins?  They are a great alternative to chips.  They have a choice between pudding or applesauce.  I try to get 100 percent juice or a water with a powder pack is a favorite of theirs.  My oldest daughter loves the flavor of white organic milk so I try to get it when I find them on sale. 
Everything gets packed in nice and neat and my girls look forward to seeing what surprises they have in their lunches. 

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