Recipe Review: Cheese Enchiladas and Chalupas/Tostadas

8 Apr
For supper last night, I made cheese enchiladas.  I have to say they were very tasty.  I had some corn tortillas that I wanted to use up from the king ranch casserole that I made a few weeks ago.  That is the beauty of corn tortillas….they last forever!  I thought the process of frying the tortillas would be a pain, but I was happy that it didn’t take very long and I didn’t have torn tortillas when I folded them like I have in the past when I have warmed them in the microwave.  I aslo fried some to make my version of chalupas/tostada.  I put some pintos on earlier in the day.  After having meat dishes for days, I was ready for no meat night.  For the chalupas/tostadas, I put the pinto beans on the hard corn tortilla shell, some very yummy tomatoes and shredded cheese…perfection!  The girls and I loved them!  As for the cheese enchiladas, I felt like I was eating at a mexican restaurant.  They were delish!  The recipe that I used was from Mommy’s Kitchen, one of my favorite blogs. 
I will be adding this one to our family cookbook!

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