Redorating Sparkles and NayNay’s bedroom….

21 Jan

It is time to redecorate Sparkles and NayNay’s room….or as I like to call them, Abby and Zoey.  They had a black metal bunk bed that had a twin on top and double on the bottom.  They never slept on top because they like to sleep together…although there are nights when they don’t even want to speak to each other, let alone sleep together.  But on those nights, if you sneak in their room after they have gone to sleep, you will find them “nuggled” (another Abby-ism) next to each other.  Anywho……

I bought them Shabby Chic bedding for the old bunkbeds.  Now that they are moving on, I gave Hailey the full size Shabby bedding for her fabulously pink and all girl room.  I need to decide what we want to do now for Sparkles and NayNay.  Temporarily, they had they help of their daddy’s decorating talent.  He brought up our camping tent and purchased two sleeping bags for them.  See where this is going????  Yes, my daughter’s are camping out in their room every night.  They love it and it is so much fun (again, ???) tucking my daughter’s in their sleeping bags and tent at bedtime.  Hey, at least they have all the modern conveniences….TV, heat, fan, pretty flower lights….(pics to come soon once I clean up the room.)

Their room is not very big.  I would like for them to have their own bed.  I am not sure if I got single bunk beds that they would sleep properly….well, really does it matter?  Between 1AM and 3AM every night, the girls creep in my room and get in bed with me.  I love my babies, but it is so hard to get sleep when you are forced to the edge of the bed and you have sleep talkers.  So, maybe I should decorate this room for me?  So at 3AM when I am forced out of my bed, I can sleep in their room….and maybe not work on my blog like I am right now????

Here are some possibilites brought to you by Pottery Barn Kids (love them!)….

Aren’t owls all the rage right now?  This room is cute and kinda simple.
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn
I LOVE this room!  And the bird cages hung above the bed are adorable. I can see it now, Abby and Zoey hanging and swinging from them….oh, I can dream about fabulous decorations, but I am limited to what I think my scheming babies can do to them….
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn
Now this room my girls would go crazy for.   They are into butterflies big time!
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn
Now, this room is right up my ally!  I love all things Shabby for little girls.  There is something about that style.  It is just so sweet.  Look…those girls like my babies in about 2 or 3 years!  But let’s not think about that right now because it makes me cry!
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn

Here is another owl room, but with some butteflies thrown in as well.  Super cute!
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn
My girls like fairies too!  This room is cute and I love the Fairy Canopy, but I don’t see it listed on the website.  But, it is still a great idea!
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn
Here is a cute bunk bed set up.  I like the bunk bed idea, but making the top bunk is not alot of fun.
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn
I like this bunk bed room too!  So many options…..
Photo Source:  Pottery Barn

So many cool ideas…and that is just looking at Pottery Barn.  I would like to get this room done in the next 4-6 weeks.  I guess that depends on how fast the “coolness” of sleeping in a tent in your room lasts.  I will keep searching for ideas and I guess, I could ask the girls what they would like…..nah!  lol….


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